So its been a while since i've posted anything of substance here!... mainly due to time & priorities on other things
Anyhow, hopefully I can turn this into a better resource with some up to date information. 
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Elrepo-Kmod drivers for ClearOS

I've been providing a rebuild of the excellent Elrepo kmod drivers. These newer drivers are back ported from upstream so that they are compatible with the EL5 kernel, and provide support for newer NIC's that aren't available.

You can find them here:-


If you already have my repo setup, you can install using Yum

yum --enablerepo=timb install kmod-e1000e

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Zarafa Webmail - ClearOS

I have rebuilt Zarafa so that it runs on ClearOS using the updated version of ldap. The RPM's are now rebuilt using the maintained SRPM's from Fedora (courtesy of Robert Scheck).

The following will install and configure the webmail so that it authenticates against ClearOS users defined in the webconfig. It will configure Postfix so that all mail is delivered to the Zarafa inbox. The contacts list and calendars will function

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PHP 5.3.8 Upgrade - ClearOS

Instructions below to upgrade PHP to 5.3.8

Please note these are not the official packages, and have been put together by http://rpms.famillecollet.com/ for RHEL5 distributions (thank you!). I have rebuilt these so they install for ClearOS with the addition of two RPM's (libedit and sqlite2).

Thefore please consider these as beta / testing quality


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Realtek Drivers - Compiled for CC5.0, Kernel 2.6.18-128.2.16v5-i686

UPDATE!: You can now get hold of these drivers via RPM if you wish, they are recompiled from the elrepo sources.

Below are the latest Realtek drivers compiled for ClarkConnect5.0 - and all the chipsets outlined for each driver. See README files for instruction on installation

PS3 - Unsupported Data, MP3 Playback

I've been experimenting with UPNP media players, and particularly TwonkyMedia server and also Mediatomb. Whilst doing so i've found that not all MP3's will stream correctly to my PS3, and you will end up with "Unsupported data". After doing some further testing I ruled out either of the media servers as they both gave the same symptoms. So after some sifting through my collection and endless googling later - I think I have at least narrowed down the problem to the following....the PS3 does not like some forms of MP3 encoding. To help those who wonder (like myself) which ones DOES it play?